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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dr. Linus Lost Final Season: Questions & Answers

Dr. Linus Lost Final Season: Questions & Answers

Question: How can Miles speak to dead people? Will it ever be explained how Miles can communicate with dead people?
Answer: The explanation as to how Miles can communicate with dead people must be related to his growing up on the island as the son of Dr. Pierre Chang (the namaste guy from the videos). As an aside namaste is interestingly one of the few Sanskrit words commonly recognized by English speakers. Here's a list of some others: list link.

Question: What island is Ben teaching about at the beginning of the Dr. Linus episode?
Answer: Ben Linus is teaching about the island of Elba at the beginning of the Dr. Linue episode.

Question: What is the name of the science teacher Dr. Linue is friends with?
Answer: The science teacher Ben is friends with is named Dr. Leslie Arzt.

Question: What is the gift Jacob gives if he touches someone?
Answer: The gift Jacob gives when he touches someone is that they can't commit suicide.

Question: What book was in the background when Ben was looking through the tent on the beach?
Answer: The Chosen by Chaim Potok was the 1967 book in the background when Ben was looking through the tend on the beach. It's a book about two teenagers that form a friendship even though they're from different backgrounds.

Question:Why is Charles Widmore going to the island?
Answer: Widmore's desire to get to the island has nothing to do with financial gain. Widmore wants to find the island so that he might be able to experience eternal life - live forever.

Question: How did Widmore find the island?
Answer: Possible answer: Jacob's ghost could have visited Widmore and told him how to find the island. Maybe before Jacob's death he set in place a manner in which to tell Charles Widmore how to find the island when Jacob wanted him to find it.

Question: Was Widmore who Jacob wanted to find the island?
Answer: Jacob didn't need Jack and Hurley's help with the lighthouse in order for Widmore to find the island. Jacob sent Jack and Hurley to the lighthouse to (a) get them out of harms way when the Smoke Monster ravaged the Temple and (b) so that Jack could come to understand how special he is.

Question: Is Charles Widmore a candidate?
Answer: No, Widmore is not a candidate. Ilana said there were only six candidates left.

Question: Why didn't Ben go with fake Locke?
Answer: Ben's allegiance is once again with Jacob's side even though Fake Locke just saved his life for all intents and purposes.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sundown - Lost Final Season Questions and Answers

Sundown - Lost Final Season Questions and Answers

Before reading this Q&A take a look at "Sayid" doing stand up comedy in this College Humor video: Click here fore the Sayid comedy video.

Question: What was Dogen's machine testing on Sayid?
Answer: Dogen's machine was testing the degree/percent of evil in Sayid.

Question: What is with Dogen and the baseball?
Answer: Dogen's son died in a car crash on the way home from his son's baseball practice when Dogen was drinking and driving.

Question: What message did the Smoke Monster/Locke send with Claire into the Temple?
Answer: Claire brought the message that the Smoke Monster wanted to meet with Dogen - presumably to kill him in order to gainer easier access into the Temple.

Question: Does Dogen think Sayid will be able to kill the Locke Smoke Monster with the dagger?
Answer: No. Dogen wants the Smoke Monster to kill Sayid after Sayid fails to kill the Locke Monster.

Question: Why does Claire say that she is "not the one who needs rescuing" to Kate?
Answer: Because Claire knows the Smoke Monster will soon kill almost everyone in the Temple.

Question:What is the name of Sayid's brother? What is the name of Nadia's husband in the flash-sideways?
Answer: The name of Sayid's brother / Nadia's husband in the flash sideways is Omer Jarrah. This was the first time viewers had seen the character of Omer.

Question: Who else was with Locke the Smoke Monster at the end besides Sayid, Kate, and Claire?
Answer: Other than Sayid, Claire, and Kate the other followers of Locke / Smoke Monster at the end of the Sundown episode were Zach, Emma, and Cindy as well as about a dozen Others who left the Temple before sundown to save their lives - as Sayid had relayed to the Temple inhabitants.

Question: Where have Lost viewers seen Martin Keamy. the mob boss that Sayid's brother (Omer) owes money to before?
Answer: Keamy was a mercenary hired by Charles Widmore in season 4 to kill Ben Linus.

Question: How did the Smoke Monster pass through the ash?
Answer: Crazy guess - it was raining lightly when Sayid returned to the Temple and gave the message about evacuating before sundown. Maybe the rain washed the ash away and the rain was no accident.

Question: What did Dogen call the Smoke Monster / Locke/ Man in Black?
Answer: Dogen called the Smoke Monster / Locke / Man in Black "evil incarnate."

Question: Was Jack in the flash-sideways hospital that Sayid, Nadia, and Sayid's brother (Omer) were in after Sayid's brother was "mugged?"
Answer: Yes. Jack was in the hospital that Sayid came into after his brother was attacked.

Question: What card game is Miles playing when Kate arrives back at the Temple?
Answer: Miles is playing Solitaire when Kate arrives back at the Temple.

Question: What is the hieroglyphic symbol/sign that Ilana pushes on the Temple wall to open up the secret passageway / hiding place?
Answer: The hieroglyphic sign / symbol that Iilana pushes in in the Temple in Sundown is a Shen ring. The Shen ring is an Egyptian symbol for protection and eternity.

Question: What song does Claire sing while in the hole in Sundown?
Answer: Claire sings the 1957 song "Catch a Falling Star" while in the hole in Sundown. This song is also played after the Temple is destroyed.

Question: Is Dogen really dead from being drowned by Sayid in the pool?
Answer: It seems Dogen is really dead because supposedly that was a condition for The Smoke Monster to enter the Temple. However, when Dogen drowned Sayid in the pool Sayid came back to life a couple of hours later. Maybe the same thing could happen when Sayid drowns Dogen in the pool.

Question: Why was Jin tied up in the refrigerator of the restaurant Sayid visited where he killed his brother's enemies?
Answer: Jin's being tied up is probably somehow related to the business dealings of Sun's father.

Question: Who were the people with Smoke Monster Locke at the end of the episode after the temple had been destroyed?
Answer: People who left the Temple before sundown.

Question: Where was Jin? He wasn't with Claire or at the Temple?
Answer: The Smoke Monster / Locke influenced Jin after seeing him at Calire's tent the week before in the Lighthouse episode.

Question: Where was Sawyer? Is Sawyer still in the cliff cave?
Answer: We haven't seen Sawyer in two episodes now. He must still be trying to figure out the numbers next to the names on the cave ceiling.

Question: Where has Richard been? In the Substitute (two episodes ago) Richard told Locke to go to the Temple. Why haven't we seen Richard at the Temple?
Answer: Richard is at some mysterious island landmark like Jacob's cave or the lighthouse that we haven't seen yet but will see next week in what should be a good episode because it will be Ben focused as it is called Dr. Linus.

Question: Who is coming back to the island per Jacob's 108 request to Hurley?
Answer: Charles Widmore is coming back to the island. Widmore is who Jacob has in mind to come back as a candidate.
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