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Friday, January 8, 2010

Lost Final Season Merchandise

Most serious fans that are awaiting the final season of Lost have seen merchandise like countless advertisements for Lost DVDs and Lost shirts over the past five years so it should come as no surprise that marketers are rolling out every product they can think of to take advantage of the Lost craze as the show rolls into its final season.

Here are some of the more amusing action figures we dug up:

Ben Linus: looking creepy, as always

John Locke: Looking a little too lifelike and intense

Sun: Looking particularly risque

Sawyer: Doing his thing with the wind in his hair and perspiration on his shirt

The Lost brand has become an empire (or mountain of cash if you will) and the one thing that any experienced fan knows without even watching the Lost final season spoilers is that new merchandise will continue to be introduced up until the bitter end. We've already discussed the Lost video game and the commercialization that has become so rampant that it might as well be part of the official Lost summary for every season. While there are unquestionably numerous surprises left in store for fans during season 6 one decidedly less interesting question that we will pose here today is:

What will be the most ridiculous piece of Lost merchandise released before the series comes to a dramatic conclusion?

Without further ado, our Top Ten List of controversial (especially #2) pieces of Lost merchandise that we expect to see in 2010:

10) Juliet colored contact lenses

9) Industrial strength hammock capable of supporting the weight of two Hurleys

8) Feel like you're actually sleeping on the island bamboo sheets

7) Jack Shepard spray on 5 o'clock shadow

6) John Locke survival knife ... for children of all ages

5) Sawyer and Desmond's partnership with Revlon for a Shampoo + Conditioner line

4) Benjamin Linus book: How to Create Enemies and Influence People

3) Sun and Jin sponsored Rosetta Stone campaign

2) Anatomically correct Kate blow up doll

1) Charlie's Guitar Hero set for XBox featuring the smash hit "You All Everybody"

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lost Final Season Delayed

Could the Lost final season be delayed?

It's a definite possibility and if you don't want to see that happen you better starting writing your elected representatives right now. Why? Because the delay could be the fault of the White House.

To understand why read Josef Adalian's piece below titled: White House Could Derail 'Lost' Premiere Plans. Source:

ABC insiders may soon want to tell President Obama to get "Lost."

The White House is finalizing plans for this year's State of the Union address and is said to be mulling two dates for the speech, according to a person familiar with the matter: January 26 and February 2.

So, what's wrong with that? Well, Jan. 26 would mean an interruption of "American Idol" -- though Fox likely planned for that (or would simply tell the White House to take a hike, as it has before).

But February 2? Other than the fact that it's a holiday (Groundhog's Day/TV MoJoe's birthday), that's the date ABC months ago staked out for the premiere of the final season of "Lost."

Yeah, right. We know.

The White House has already royally peeved the broadcast networks by scheduling so many primetime news conferences and speeches during President Obama's first year in office.

But forcing ACB to move "Lost"? Such a move could make the Tea Party protesters look like flies.

It could make the wrath of Rush and Drudge look pathetic.

Plus, it would be really bad Dharma. (Sorry, couldn't resist).

The good news, according to sources, is that the White House hasn't decided to press the button on the February 2 idea. No doubt ABC has made its displeasure with the date very clear.

After all, it's not like the network hasn't been airing promos for the Feb 2 date every three second since November.

"Lost" fans may already be mobilizing to halt this madness. Particularly since logic would suggest ABC would be forced to move back the "Lost" premiere until February 9 - forcing fans to wait another week for answers.


Our Thoughts:

I think this show has made us so twisted that we don't even mind the idea of waiting just because we don't want to get closer to it finally being over ... I'm sure we're in the minority here.
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