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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What Happened in Lost Last Night? Across the Sea

If you're wondering what happened in lost last night in the episode Across the Sea you're not the only one.

Viewers for the most part were pleasantly surprised to see an entire flashback episode that flashed very far back. There were no real times scenes at all (flash sideways or otherwise).

Let's recap what we learned: how Jacob became the protector of the island, the origins of the Adam and Eve skeletons from season one, how the man in black became the monster (at least for a while in that form, and to some extent the origin of the donkey wheel concept.

Let's address some questions and answers now:

Question: What year was it when the man in black and Jacob were born?
Reports say it was the year 23 A.D. Other reports say between 450 BC and 900 AD.

Question: What game were Jacob and the Man in Black playing?
Answer: The game is called Senet. (Wikipedia link right there.) It's said to be an old Egyptian game. Senet may be the oldest board game in history (at least documented) and was placed in the tombs of some ancient Egyptian graves for the afterlife travels. Interesting the Man in Black character knows how to play this game immediately without ever having been taught. This might be a hint to his reincarnation or much longer spiritual existence. Maybe the concept is that every person has this historically rooted spirituality but the Man in Black can tap into it because he is special.

Question: What language were the mother of Jacob and the Man in Black and the women who killed her speaking at the beginning of the Across the Sea episode?
Answer: Claudia speaks Latin.

Question: What does the Dharma group call the Smoke Monster?
Answer: Cerebus.

Question: Why did the woman who took care of Jacob and the Man in Black kill their real mother?
Answer: She was doing what she thought was best for the island.

Question: Was the crazy women who took care of Jacob and the Man in Black growing up the Smoke Monster before the Man in Black?
Answer: Possible. She claimed to be island protector but maybe she a victim of the smoke monster curse and that's why she did some of the evil things that she did.

Question: What was the name of Jacob and his Nemesis' real mother?
Answer: Claudia.

Question: What line really stood out in this episode?
Answer: "they come, they fight, they destroy, they corrupt and it always ends the same." The same words spoken in the Lost season five finale as the Black Rock was approaching.

Also, "It's going to be you" which the woman who raised Jacob said to Jacob about protecting the island and is the same thing that Sayid said to Jack before killing himself in the previous episode the Candidate.

Question: What is inside the mystical light cave?
Answer: "Life, death, rebirth, it's the source, the heart of the island."

Question: How was the well that the Man in Black and the roman type natives were building filled up?
Answer: The woman who raised Jacob and the Man in Black was the previous Smoke Monster and she was able to do it.

Question: Why didn't the woman who raised Jacob want the Man in Black to leave the island?
Answer: Her response, "Because I love you... thank you."

Question: Did the characters really speak English or Latin?
Answer: They probably spoke Latin during the time of this episode but for simplicity English was used for the sake of the audience.

Question: Who will take the Smoke Monster's place on the island and be the next Smoke Monster?
Answer: Desmond because like the Man in Black he is also special.

Final thought

When we saw the Man in Black in the Lost season 5 finale it really wasn't Jacob's brother. Ever since Jacob pushed his brother into the light his actual brother has been dead [he laid him to rest with their "mother" and the bones were found in season 1 of Lost (Adam and Eve)].

In the season 5 finale it was smokey sitting next to Jacob. Smokey took over the deceased body of Jacob's brother before later taking over the body of Christian Shepard when it came to the island and eventually the dead body of John Locke when it came to the island. There may have been other dead bodies that washed up onto the island that Smokey took the form of between having the form of Jacob's brother and Jack's father.


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