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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lost Final Season Questions

With about a month left in the final season of Lost here are some questions that will all hopefully be explicitly answered in the last few episodes. In all likelihood we'll probably have to come to our own conclusions about a number of these perplexing questions.

  • When Ben confronted the Smoke Monster about the death of his daughter Alex, Ben met the Smoke Monster under the Temple. If the Smoke Monster resided under the Temple why was the Temple believed to be a safe place of harbor when everyone was trying to avoid Fake Locke / the Man in Black after news broke that Jacob had been killed?
  • Why does some gray ash keep the Smoke Monster / Man in Black away?
  • Why do the sonic fences keep the Smoke Monster / Man in Black / Fake Locke away? Why can't he cross those borders?
  • Why is Desmond Special
  • Is Jacob really good or evil?
  • Is the Man in Black really evil or is the show trying to set us up for a big twist?
  • What really happens if the Man in Black gets off the island?
  • Why is the Man in Black trapped on the Island?
  • How long have Jacob and the Man in Black known each other?
  • Why did the Man in Black spare Richard (Ricardo) when the Black Rock crashed on the island?
  • What's up with the healing properties on the island?
  • Why do people heal fast on the island?
  • Why do people in the final season of lost tend to look at themselves weird in mirrors sometimes in the sideways world?
  • What's up with Ben's secret room where he seemingly went to call smokey aka the Man in Black once?
  • What's significant about Jack's appendix and when it was taken out?
  • Why do pregnant women on the island usually die?
  • How was Sayid resurrected?
  • Why did the island inhabitants never see the Lighthouse before Jack and Hurley went there?
  • What is Jack's purpose that Jacob says he must find on his own?
  • What happened to make pregnant women on the island start dieing?
  • Why do some people heal fast on the island and other people don't?
  • Is the brain problem Sun has where she can't speak English but can understand it real?
  • What is the relationship between Ilana and Jacob other than Jacob being "like" a father to her?
  • Why isn't Kate a candidate?
  • What is so special about Claire's son Aaron?
  • Is Kate secretly a candidate?
  • Why is Hugo (Hurley) nicknamed Hurley? Is it H for Hugo replacing the C for curly? As in curly hair.
  • Why is the island under water in the sideways world?
  • Why was Kate arrested in the sideways world?
  • Why is Locke paralyzed in the sideways world?
  • What's up with Hurley's Bird?
  • Who are the Adam and Eve Skeletons?
  • Who lived in Jacob's Cabin? Was it really Jacob? Didn't Jacob live under the Statue of Taweret?
  • What's up with the ancient dagger that seems to be the weapon of choice for killing Jacob and the Man in Black? The dagger will definitely come up again before the end of the series.
  • Are both Jin and Sun candidates?
  • Who was the mother of the Man in Black? He referenced her once in saying that she was crazy. This is mentioned in relating that Aaron now has a crazy mother (Claire).
  • How does Eloise Hawking know so much about the sideways world and island world? If she has so much influence why does she stay off the island near the Lamp Post station?
  • What is up with the supply drops? How is the supply drop happening? Who is dropping supplies? Why are supplies still being dropped regularly?
  • What are Walt's powers? Why is Walt so special?
  • Who was chasing some of the Lost survivors in a canoe and shooting at them early in season 5 when the time shifts were constantly happening?
  • Why were lots of passengers from the Aijra Flight 316 killed and buried in a mass grave?
  • Who attacked Sayid at the safe house in season 5 when he was with Hurley and why?
  • Who is the mother of Jack Shepard's son?
  • Who is Jack's ex-wife in the sidways world?
  • What is up with Christian Shepard? What is Christian Shepard's back story?
  • What is Eloise Hawking's back story?
  • What's up with the black horse Kate saw on the island?
  • Whatever happened to the mom of Ben Linus? Is Ben's mom on the island somewhere? Maybe hanging out with Christian Shepard comparing baby pictures of their influential kids?
  • Who is the mysterious blond boy on the island?
  • What is the roll of the young boy with blonde hair on the island?
  • Why can only some people on the island see the blonde haired boy on the island?
  • Why is the Man in Black intimidated, mindful, and respectful of the unknown blonde boy on the island who appears and disappears randomly?
  • What happened to the body of Christian Shepard that Jack was transporting in the sideways time line in the season 6 premiere?
  • How did Charles Widmore finally find the island with his submarine?
  • What is Libby's past?
  • Why did Claire disappear?
  • What is Charlotte's back story?
  • Did Henry Gale really arrive on the island in a balloon? If Henry Gale really arrived on the island on a balloon how did that happen?
  • What's up with the glass eye that was found on the island?
  • Why did Desmond run over Locke?

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