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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Second Episode What Kate Does Questions and Answers

Lost final season: second episode "What Kate Does" 25 Questions and Answers:

Question: Does Kate love Sawyer?
Answer: Yes. The island is a very emotional place.

Question: Where has Claire been?
Answer: Presumably somewhere strange on the island with Christian Shepard.

Question: Was Claire with the new Others in the Temple at some point in the "past"?
Answer: Seems likely. Perhaps the Temple Others wanted her baby Aaron. Young Aaron seems to be relatively significant for the little amount of screen time he's received. After all, Aaron shares a bloodline with Christian and Jack Shepard who are quite connected to the island.

Question: Was the green pill Jack tried to take really poison?
Answer: Yes

Question: Why does Sayid have to take the green pill willingly? If they want to kill him why didn't they just kill him when they had him strapped up?
Answer: Perhaps has to do with free will and choices. Somehow must be tied to the goofy rules where Jacob's nemesis couldn't kill Jacob but instead had to have Ben do it.

Question: Does Sayid realize that he might be "infected"?
Answer: Not yet.

Question: Who was the creepy doctor looking after Claire:
Answer: Alternate world Other Ethan Goodspeed. Ethan was the first Other viewers met before even realizing he was an Other when he mixed in with the crash survivors before Hurley realized he wasn't on the flight manifest

Question: Is Claire resembling Rousseau by making traps in the jungle?
Answer: Looks like it. Maybe we need to reevaluate what we thought we knew about Rousseau's story.

Question: Where do I recognize the guy bossing around Kate that Kate hit in the head with a water canteen?
Answer: The anchor's name is Rob McElhenney and most people recognize him from his role as Mac in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (coincidentally Rob McElhenney was born in Philadelphia). The name of the Lost character he plays is Aldo.

Question: Why weren't Sawyer and Juliet already married?
Answer: Very good question. What were they waiting for? They were living together for years stranded on an island. Were they holding out in case something better came along? Did they think they might still need to sow their wild oats before settling down? We're confident that we haven't seen the last of Juliet and expect her to show up in the off island alternate time line next episode.

Question: What's Sawyer's plan for food and living alone after escaping from the Temple?
Answer: Sawyer has no plan. He doesn't think that far in advance.

Question: What was the name of the Temple Others leader who doesn't like to speak English?
Answer: His name is Dogen.

Question: What kind of orders do Dogen's followers not like to follow and why does he confide this privileged information to Jack so quickly?
Answer: There seems to be a theme of Others leaders keeping their subordinates on a need to know basis. Apparently Dogen is Others leader manipulation 2.0 in the form of tricking his followers into believing he can't communicate with them for possibly decades.

Question: Why is Dogen being so truthful with Jack? Is Dogen lying to Jack? Dogen just lied to Sayid?
Answer: Dogen needs Jack's help. Jack won't tell Sayid to take the green pill (poison) unless Jack trusts Dogen. Plan A of tricking Jack didn't work so Dogen had to rush to plan B because time is of the essence.

Question: Why does Dogen have a baseball?
Answer: No way to know right now but it clearly has significance.

Question: Why don't the Others want Kate to know about the traps in the jungle or Rousseau?
Answer: Aldo wants to keep the newcomers on a very need to know basis.

Question: Has Hurley assumed a leadership role?
Answer: Looked like it last week. Miles reminded us that this theme is still in play though when he specifically reminded viewers of this fact by explicitly telling it to Sayid.

Question: Why is it important that Sawyer return to the Temple?
Answer: Each member was brought there for a reason and Sawyer's presence is necessary to fulfill the collective destiny that Jacob has prearranged as evident by his final words: "they're coming."

Question: What has claimed Sayid?
Answer: The Smoke Monster can take over multiple people by seeping just a little bit of black dust into someone's system. The Temple Others are clearly opposed to the black Smoke Monster so it would make sense they are concerned Sayid has been infected by it.

Question: What was the point of the tests they did to Sayid?
Answer: To see if he'd been infected or claimed by the Smoke Monster.

Question: Why does Dogen have a typewriter?
Answer: The Temple seems pretty primitive as the electricity to torture Sayid had to be cranked by hand.

Question: What was Dogen typing on the typewriter?
Answer: Perhaps a response to the note Jacob sent him through Hurley.

Question: Can the smoke monster take on any form or only the form of dead bodies? Otherwise why did the Smoke Monster need Locke to be dead and delivered to the island in order to take on his likeness?
Answer: The Smoke Monster can only take on the form of certain dead bodies otherwise it would have simply been changing forms throughout the series to deceive characters on a regular basis. The Smoke Monster has claimed Christian Shepard's body. That fits into the dead body of Christian Shepard being on the island. The Smoke Monster was controlling Christian Shepard's body when he told Locke that he'd have to die to bring everyone back to the island before Locke turned the donkey wheel. This helps the Smoke Monster carry out its plan.

Question: How did Sayid get infected or claimed?
Answer: From the dark water Sayid was revived in. The Temple pond was unusually dark when they submerged him to revitalize him. At the time of this occurred Dogen and the Temple Others did not yet know that Jacob had died and they had not yet had ash put around the perimeter of the Temple.

Question: What was the Japanese Dogen said? What is the literal translation for what he said meant infected?
Answer: Dogen said, "kega sareta" which translates to "he was injured/hurt". When talking about Claire Dogen said "misuru" which means "becoming enchanted or becoming bewitched or charming."

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