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Monday, February 1, 2010

Lost Final Season Starts Tomrrow

The final season of Lost is practically upon us with the debut episode(s) LAX Parts 1 and 2 airing tomorrow (Tues., Feb 2) on ABC.

Lost fans were effectively able to persuade President Obama's staff to move the State of the Union address up and barring any global disasters or the the Winter Olympics pushing up their opening ceremonies everything is perfectly situated for the final Lost season premier EVER.

While we suspect the comeback after the hiatus for the Olympics will be nearly as sweet as the February 2 premiere the overriding question that most Lost fans are asking themselves right now is whether or not the final season will be able to meet of dare I say, even exceed their expectations.

Leading into the final season it's interesting to reflect on the lack of success ABC has had with shows they have hoped would fill the Lost gap in their lineup after this historic final season. The most notable ABC efforts to replicate the formula for success experienced with Lost are the disappointing shows V and Flash Forward. For whatever reason these shows with interesting premises and even actors from the show Lost are missing the intangibles that make Lost so popular.

With those thoughts in mind check back later this week for more information regarding the historic season premier.

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