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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lost Final Season Lighthouse Episode Questions and Answers

Lost Final Season Lighthouse Episode Questions and Answers

Why is it important when Jack got his appendix taken out?
Answer: Perhaps the doctor that performed Jack's appendectomy implanted something in his body at the time of the surgery. Maybe that doctor was Jacob.

Question: What was the name of the school that Jack's son went to?
Answer: Jack's son goes to St. Mary's Academy.

Question: What is Jack's son's name?
Answer: Jack's son's name is David Shepard.

Question: What book was Jack's son David reading?
Answer: Jack's son David was reading: The Annotated Alice- Lewis Carroll wrote "The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland" as well as "Through the Looking Glass" (Through the Looking Glass is also the name of the two hour season 3 finale of Lost.) Jack states that he read the book to David when he was a child. In the sideways universe Jack read the story to Claire's son Aaron.

Question: Does Jack's father Christian Shepard have Claire with an Australian women in the flash-sideways world?
Answer: Yes. Jack's mother reads that Claire Littleton is mentioned in Christian Shepard's Last Will and Testament.

Question: What game were Hurley and Miles playing at the Temple?
Answer:Hurley and Miles were playing Tic Tac Toe at the Temple.

Question: Can the Candidates do whatever they want?
Answer: Apparently the Candidates don't have to listen to Dogen as Hurley put him in his place.

Question: Why did Jacob insist that Hurley bring Jack on the trip to the Lighthouse?
Answer: It was part of Jacob's plan for Jack to break the Lighthouse mirror.

Question: What number coordinate were Hurley and Jack supposed to adjust the mirror to?
Answer: Jack and Hurley were supposed to adjust the Lighthouse mirror to the coordinate of 108. The 108 heading relates to the numbers in that the numbers had to be punched into the computer every 108 minutes.

Question: What phrase did Hurley say to get Jack motivated to go to the Lighthouse and follow Jacob's request?
Answer:Hurley told Jack that he, "has what it takes." A statement that is the opposite of what Jack's father Christian always said to him while he was growing up.

Question: How did the Oceanic Flight 815 Survivors and Jack specifically initially find the caves?
Answer: Jack and the Oceanic Flight 815 Survivors found the caves after Jack followed his dead father into the woods.

Question: What was Hurley saying about how the Adam and Eve skeletons relate to the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815
Answer: Hurley speculated the possibility that if some of the flight survivors go back in time to prehistoric times the skeletons in the cave could actually be there's if they died thousands of years in the past ... in the future.

Question: Does Kate have one of the numbers? Why didn't we see Kate's name on the cave ceiling?
Answer: The Lighthouse wheel shows "Austin" as number 51. It is unknown why her name wasn't on the cave ceiling. Maybe Lock-Smoke Monster erased it.

Question: Who was Jacob expecting to the island? Who was Hurley supposed to signal by setting the heading to 108?
Answer: Wallace is the person Jacob asked Hurley to summon with the 108 heading he asked Hurley and Jack to set the Lighthouse mirror to. Interestingly, Wallace is crossed out, perhaps indicating that Jacob never had any intention of summoning a new candidate with the help of Jack and Hurley but rather his entire purpose was to put Jack through a test. 108 is also the summation of the other 6 numbers (4,8,15,16,23,42) and is the number of minutes between every time the button had to be pushed in season 2 of Lost. Interestingly, this is also the 108th hour of the show Lost.

Question: Was Ben Linus ever a Candidate?
Answer: Yes. Benjamin Linus was once a candidate and his name has been crossed off as it was 117 on the Lighthouse wheel.

Question: Did David's piano recital relate to the island or address any Lost questions?
Answer: David's recital sign out front reads "Welcome all Candidates."

Question: What was on David's sheet music Jack found in his room and what song did Jack's son play on the piano at the recital?
Answer: The sheet music in Jack's son room is the same piece that he played at the recital and it is: Chopin's Fantasie Impromptu.

Question: Whose inhaler did Jack find outside of the caves?
Answer: Jack found Shannon's inhaler on the ground in front of the caves.

Question: Was the Smoke Monster portraying Jack Shepard in previous seasons the way he is portraying John Locke now?
Answer: It certainly seems possible that the Smoke Monster now inhabiting the late John Locke's body formerly took over the body of Christian Shepard. This seems more plausible than ever now that Claire is referring to the Smoke-Monster Locke as her friend when the last friend we saw her with was Christian Shepard.

Question:What were the buildings other than Jack's childhood home that were seen in the Lighthouse mirrors?
Answer: One of the buildings seen in the Lighthouse mirrors other than Jack's house was the church were Sawyer "ran into" Jacob while attending his parent's funeral. The spot where Jin and Sun got married and were touched b Jacob was also one of the spots.

Question: Why does Claire believe the Others took Aaron?
Answer: She's been infected and is disoriented from the influence of the Smoke Monster.

Question: Why does Jim start lying to Claire about Aaron?
Answer: Jin realizes Claire is crazy or possessed when she seemingly needlessly kills the other man with them.

Question: Who is Jack's son David's mother?
Answer: Our guess - fellow doctor Juliet is David's mother and Jack's ex-wife.

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