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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lost's Desmond Actor Settles Harassment Suit

Source: TMZ
Originally published October 27, 2009

Henry Ian Cusick, the actor that plays Desmond Hume, has settled a sexual harassment lawsuit that was filed by women that used to work on the Lost show. The accuser was a former production staff member that initially sued Mr. Cusick in April, 2009. Her allegations were essentially that she was touched and grabbed inappropriately.

The terms of the settlement are confidential but the accuser's attorney has stated that the matter has been settled.

Our Thoughts:

We like Desmond the character and hope imaginary character continues to have a happy home life with Penny and their new son Charlie.

As far as our thoughts on actor Henry Ian Cusick we can't speculate about a "he said - she said" case. We can only say that we hope Henry stays clear of anything like this ever happening again.

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