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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Chess on the Show Lost

This is a bit of a guest post. It's probably more about Chess than Lost, but it's been a while since we posted here and wanted to give our audience something to read. We all miss the days of constant Lost banter and speculation about what was going to happen next.

I'm revisiting an old topic because, well quite frankly there aren't any new Lost episodes to talk about and I've been playing a ton of chess lately. However, it's not the conventional sort of chess you might be thinking of and it's certainly not the sort the Losties could play on the island, because amongst other reasons communication signals were blocked for most of the series.

I'm talking about just playing chess on my Iphone with an app called "Chess with Friends." It's from a company called Zygnga games. The gaming company that's possibly best known for the even more popular "Words with Friends" game was valued at $7 Billion recently. Pretty insane valuation when you think about how it's primarily a company that makes game apps for mobile devices and it didn't even exist a few years ago.

Anyway, I'm digressing. After all the chess I've been playing I wanted to get good at chess so I started thinking about how Jacob and the Man and Black would play. They're kind of God-like so maybe their omnipotent powers carry over to board games played by mere humans.

In order to get better I started thinking about How the Man in Black would play, because he seems to be very diabolical and clearly he and Jacob are expert strategists when it comes to playing moves far in advance and anticipating what opponents will do.

What I decided was that I wanted to figure out how to cheat at "Chess with Friends." After doing some digging online I finally found the ultimate iPhone app to trick my friends into thinking that I'd gone from mild-mannered chess player to grand master champion virtually overnight. Well, to be perfectly honest I was a little more sly (like a fox) than that. I don't use the cheating app with every move, just when I'm in a bind or need some great advice.

The interesting truth is that I'm experiencing a side effect of my learning how to cheat at chess. Namely, I'm becoming a lot better. I can't really say it's on my own, because the reason I'm getting better is because the computer tips are starting to sink it to where I can often accurately predict what the most optimal move is before the computer software even suggests a strong chess move.

The funny thing is that I'd actually never really give much thought to the idea of cheating at chess. I barely realized you cold do, other than of course just moving your opponents pieces when he gets up to go to the bathroom or something. The truth of the matter is that there's a whole logical system behind the methods for cheating and they basically center around getting expert advice, namely for practical purposes this means the aid of a chess software system. Effectively you serve as the middle man and your opponent has no idea that in essence he's playing a game of chess against a computer set to maximum difficulty level. An almost unbeatable challenge even for the best chess players who have ever lived.

I'll wrap up this post simply by saying that I hope readers here decide to check out this website that I recommend called:

There aren't any ads or affiliate links (at least at the time of this writing), and it's basically just another place on the web to learn something new that might make you think. I guess we could all use some intellectually stimulating distractions now that Lost has been off the air for so long and we've debated and discussed every last thing there is to say about that show.

Chess set that could have been used on the show Lost because it's wood. The man in black would obviously cheat at chess if he could.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lost Epilogue (Official - Real Ending)

Official Lost Epilogue with secret bonus real ending video.

Watch the 12 minute clip that leaked online from the season 6 DVD here:

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Unaired Lost Scenes

Fans of the show looking for unaired Lost scenes to fill in the gaps of the many mysteries the creators didn't have time to properly address will be happy to know that a new book/DVD set can be picked up for less than $1 that has the unaired Lost scenes that so many fans are looking for.

The book is called The Lost Chronicles: The Official Companion Book with Bonus DVD Behind the Scenes of LOST and can be bought at Amazon either new or used. In fact you can usually buy version for less than $15 and a used versions for as little as one cent (yes - $0.01).

Now, without ruining the book and the unaired Lost scenes I can tell you for a fact that contrary to fan outcry from the Hoosier state you won't find out if any of the golfers in the screen shot below are IU fans who had an Indiana University golf bag with their luggage on the plane but fans longing to see new material of their favorite Lost characters will not be disappointed.

Jack Shepard plays golf on Lost.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lost Show Games

Just thinking if we were stranded on the Lost Island with some of the down time that doesn't make the cut for the show we'd spend the time between struggles with the Others and trying to understand the island origins by making more games on the Island like Hurley did with his improvised golf course and morale boosting ping pong game.

With a little creativity, some ingenuity, and engineering help from Sayid Losties could be playing numerous games build from wood found around the island including:

Somehow foosball has taken a distance backseat to pool and ping pong when it comes to the most popular rec room games and quite frankly we don't understand why.
We don't know where Dr. Jack Shepard went to medical school but considering his office is on Wilshire Blvd. we'll assume that he grew up in LA and moved as far away as possible to Duke in North Carolina for undergrad and then came back to California for med school at UCLA because of his father's connections in the area. Based on these complete guesses we think if Jack built a shuffleboard table like the one below on the island it would be a Duke University shuffleboard table themed one.

While it's unclear exactly exactly what the billiard balls would be made of (Dharma drop wish come true?) this pool table made of logs is really awesome. It's a tough call who the best pool player would be on the island. Sawyer is an obvious choice, Ben would be sneaky good but we think the writers would ultimately select Kate as the victor of an island pool tournament. If there were a season 7 of Lost this story line would definitely be played out.
Connect Four is very much underrated and we wanted an excuse to showcase this very cool wooden connect four set. Before Mattel started mass producing the plastic version this is probably the type of original version that Jacob and his brother played with in their youth.
We think the game of chess was avoided during the show because it almost seems like too obvious a choice. Nevertheless if we were stranded on a Lost type island and faced with the possibility of spending the rest of our lives with no television or internet chess would be tops on our lists for most plausible to create and long term enjoyment.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Unanswered Lost Questions

Unanswered Lost Questions

Whether or not Jimmy Fallon, late night TV host and Lost enthusiast, will ever reexamine some of these perceived short coming in terms of open ended story lines remains to be seen. Our bet is that you won't hear the ABC late night host saying anything too negative about the show that he shared a network with.
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